How to Create a Pinterest Vision Board for Your Home


Are you thinking about decorating your home? Perhaps if you:

  • recently moved into a new home
  • are about to embark on a home renovation
  • have just completed a renovation
  • are thinking about repainting a room
  • want to shop for some new artwork or home decor 
  • are planning to host an event in your home (baby shower, holiday dinner, etc)

Then an inspiration board on Pinterest will be immensely helpful! 

When I start collaborating with a new client, one of the first steps I ask them to do is create an inspiration or vision board on Pinterest, so that we can get on the same page about what kind of style they envision for their home. 

The purpose of this exercise is to gather together images of home decor, interiors, and colours that represent how you would like your home to look! This will help you to narrow down the look and feel that you like.

It will also allow you to visually communicate what you like to the people that you are collaborating with. 

Consider creating a board to share with your:

  • Spouse (try each making your own board!)
  • Interior Decorator
  • Colour Consultant
  • Interior Designer or home renovation team
  • Interior Stylist or party planner
  • Co-host for an event you are hosting in your home
  • Professional Organizer

You can create one board for your entire house, or you can create a board for each specific room. 

Let's get started!

Step 1. Create a Pinterest Account

Sign up or log in here:

Step 2. Create a new board. 

Give it a descriptive name (New Home Vision Board, Bedroom Inspiration Board, etc.)

Choose to make it public or secret.

Note: You could make it secret to start with, and then once you are ready to share, you can change the setting to public or share it only with the specific people that you choose.

Screenshot: Pinterest

Screenshot: Pinterest


Step 3. Start pinning!

Start by searching within Pinterest first. Search for terms like "Interior Decor", "Home Decor", "Living Room", "Kitchen", "Bedroom", "Lamps", "Area Rugs", "Color Scheme" etc.

Try looking at images based on different styles as well, to see which ones appeal to you most. Try searching for keywords such as:

  • Eclectic decor
  • Traditional home interiors
  • French country
  • Contemporary interiors
  • Cottage style
  • Coastal decor
  • Mid-century modern
  • Minimalist style

Don't worry about narrowing down to a specific colour scheme or style quite yet. Pin anything and everything you like! Also consider pinning inspirational quotes, links to articles, or DIY projects that stand out to you.

Screenshot: Example search in Pinterest

Screenshot: Example search in Pinterest


Step 4. Branch out

Look at other websites for inspiration and add images you like to your board. Search on home decor store websites and interior decorating magazine websites. When you are logged in to Pinterest, you can click the "Pin it" button on images to add them to your board.

Step 5. Review your board

Spend a few days building up your board, and then go back to look at it and see what you've added.

  • How do the images make you feel?
  • Are you happy or excited about the vision that you see presented here? 
  • Are you starting to notice a pattern or theme?  
  • Does it feel complete?

If you notice some images that really stand out as your favourites, consider exploring for more that are similar in colour or style.

Screenshot: Example board in Pinterest

Screenshot: Example board in Pinterest


Step 6. Delete what No longer fits

When you see all of the images together, are there any that don't quite fit your vision as perfectly as the others? Delete anything that you don't feel quite as excited about.

Take one last look. Does it feel complete?

Step 7. Share your board!

Now is the time to share your board with whomever you are collaborating with! 

Step 8. Discuss and refine

Discuss with your collaborator about what you like the most about your board. Now is the really fun part! Use your board to focus in on your favourite elements and discuss how to incorporate those ideas into your home.


Good luck, and happy pinning!

- Amanda