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Did someone say "

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You long for a calm and beautiful home. You want to come home to a space that feels relaxing and inspiring. But right now your home is causing you STRESS!

Maybe because:

  • You feel weighed down by too much STUFF (omg, it's everywhere!!!)

or maybe,

  • You feel like your home is an empty shell with no personality (ugh, it's so boring! How do I choose colours and art??)

or maybe,

  • You are going through a major life change (newlyweds, new baby on the way, selling your home, empty nest, downsizing!) and you need to make some changes in your home, but you don't know where to start!

You know it's possible to solve your problem and lift this weight from your shoulders, but you just aren't sure how to make it happen. 

That's where I can help!


Hi! I'm Amanda

Owner and creator of Lighter Side Interiors! I help overwhelmed homeowners solve their dilemmas by sharing inspiration and ideas that you can implement in your own home.

I started this blog to share my  strategies and tips on topics such as:

  • Choosing colour schemes

  • Selecting artwork you love

  • Decluttering stuff you no longer need

  • How to shop for home accessories

  • Arranging decor & collections for display

  • Capturing inspiration for interiors on your travels

  • Selecting what stays and what goes when you are moving or downsizing

  • Finding compromise when decor styles and decluttering goals clash

  • And more!

Photo and Top Banner Photo by Just Married Photography @justmarriedphotography

Photo and Top Banner Photo by Just Married Photography @justmarriedphotography


Professional Organizers in Canada

I have been a member of the Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) since 2016. POC is the national association that represents professional organizers across the country.

Learn more about POC here.


I help homeowners solve their interior decor and decluttering dilemmas

Play with accessories. Sometimes the smallest things can make a huge impact.
— Nate Berkus

Why "Lighter Side Interiors"?

When it came time to name my company and my blog, I settled on the name because I love the different levels of meaning that the word Lighter holds. It can mean lighter in terms of weight, in terms of brightness, or in terms of emotion. Sometimes only one aspect will apply to a space, but many times it can be all three! Imagine what your home could look and feel like if we bring it to the Lighter Side!

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