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Helping you solve your interior decorating and decluttering dilemmas!


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Feel happier, lighter and brighter in your space! You know that heavy feeling when you look in a room or closet and there's just too much stuff? Let's talk about strategies for letting go of unneeded items so that your real treasures can shine in the spotlight.


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Don't know what to put on your blank wall? How to organize and style your bookshelf? How to make your bedroom feel like a relaxing oasis? I can help! When you walk into your space it should sing to you "Hello, it's me! Welcome home!" 



Home decor inspiration from near and far away places! When I travel I am always checking out the furniture, lighting, and decorative items everywhere I go! From the airport lounge to the hotel lobby, delight is in the details! What will you spot on your next adventure?





A room should start a conversation before people actually start exchanging words.
— Barry Dixon