First Blog Post

Wow! First blog post. Ever. Scary!

Nope. Scary is not a strong enough word. Let's try terrifying!

But, I'm so excited to dive in and get started! I have been jotting down little ideas here and there for future blog posts for over a year now, and it's time to put pen to paper (ahem, fingers to keyboard), and get this thing going! Woohoo!

Photo by @JustMarriedPhotography

Photo by @JustMarriedPhotography



Hi! I'm Amanda! That's me above, with my hubby on our wedding day! It's a pleasure to meet you :)

This is my first time writing a blog! I am super excited to dive in and start sharing my tips, inspiration, and strategies for home decor and decluttering! From colour schemes to furniture buying, to donation guidelines and home staging checklists, I love it all!

Why Start a Blog?

I know there are so many people out there googling away searching for help and inspiration about what to do with the STUFF in their home! They have questions like:

  • Where should I put this? 
  • How do I make this room look amazing?
  • How do I organize my stuff?
  • How to decide what to get rid of?
  • Where can I donate this thing??
  • What styles go together??
  • How do I choose paint colours??
  • What should I hang on that empty wall???
  • I need get my house ready to sell. Where do I even start????
  • Ahhhhhhhh!!!

Overwhelmed yet? You are in the right place. I have answers!

Let's talk about Home DECOR

Interior decorating is my passion. My happy place is browsing the DECOR at HomeSense and Urban Barn! Seriously. There's nothing better to get the creative thoughts flowing than a stroll through the aisles to see the latest trends!  

I especially love details like fuzzy throw pillows, meaningful original artwork, family heirlooms, flowers, antiques, and modern lamps! And don't forget all the practical organizational stuff like storage bins and kitchen pantry containers! The best part for me is making all of these things work TOGETHER to make a home functional and beautiful!

But it doesn't stop there of course. There is so much more to interior decorating than the pretty shiny stuff!


Another aspect I love is COLOUR. The interaction between colours and patterns in our home can have such an impact on how we feel! Why are some colours soothing and others are energizing? Can the colour of your bedroom affect how well you sleep? (hint: yes it can!). Look for future blog posts to help you choose colours in your home!


We also have to talk about DECLUTTERING! That dreaded task that is ohhh so hard, and yet the results are oh so rewarding! Oh the struggle! It is HARD! Decluttering does NOT come naturally to me at all, but I have developed strategies that make the process much easier. And at the end of the day this task can have such a huge impact on your life and your living space. I know this is something many people need help with. Stay tuned for decluttering STRATEGIES to feature often on the blog!

Inspiration & Travel

Last but not least, I am excited to showcase some INSPIRATION that will get your wheels turning and spark some new ideas! I love to check out new and interesting home decor trends and colour trends when I am on TRAVEL! From Europe to Hawaii, everywhere I go I am snapping photos of decor that catches my eye! From the airport lounge to the hotel lobby to the local shops, I spot the little details! Watch for fun details from my travels in the year ahead!

Why "Lighter Side Interiors"?

When it came time to name my company and my blog, I settled on the name because I love the different levels of meaning that the word "Lighter" holds. It can mean lighter in terms of weight, in terms of brightness, or in terms of emotion. Sometimes only one aspect will apply to a space, but many times it can be all three! Imagine what your home could look and feel like if we bring it to the Lighter Side!

Cool! WHat else can we expect?

My goal for this blog is to build a rich online resource for stressed out and overwhelmed homeowners that will inspire you and teach you new strategies to solve your at home dilemmas! You can expect to see new content posted weekly!

I believe your home should be your sanctuary where you feel most at ease, most inspired, and most relaxed. If you walk into a room in your home and it leaves you with a feeling of stress or heaviness (or it makes your brain say "ugh"), then something needs to change! Let's make it happen!


With that, I welcome you to the official launch of the Lighter Side Interiors blog!